We never thought she who couldn't keep her mitts off a megaphone, AKA the brown haired one with the glasses (Nicky) would make it to the final. Fair play to her though, the grilling she got off that Gavin individual last week during the interviews would've had me lunging across the table at him. Nicky, on the other hand, kept her cool. Her only remaining contender is the brown haired one who owns a bridal shop (Brenda?), and they are both joined by their old teammates to raise money for their assigned charity, at a Charity Gala Dinner. They are required to present their charity in a novel and interesting way at the event, entertaining their guests but, overall, they must impress Bill Cullen in all aspects of this task. Following at 10.30pm is The Apprentice: Where It Went Wrong, a  half hour feast of all the biggest mistake's and most embarrassing moments of the series, from Joanne's appalling pitching session to Brenda's airport display disaster.