It's the night we've all been waiting for... the winner of The Apprentice 2009 is announced after the remaining contestants, AKA Rhubarb and Custard, carry out their final task. Our money's been on Steve Raynor since episode one (not that we advocate gambling, you understand). And now that Geraldine's been given her marching orders due to her lack of experience, Steve is the clear winner. Stephen may have the gift of poetry and an impressive body fat ratio, but he's not got the people skills required. The final two contestants (again, to clarify, that's Steve and Stephen) organise a themed event to present the Ford Fiesta in a contemporary light at the Wright Venue in Swords plug, plug, plug), as they battle for the chance to work for self-made millionaire Bill Cullen. The Wright Venue gets more action at 10.15pm thanks to the final Apprentice: You're Hired. Brendan O'Connor is joined by this year's winner and a panel of popular figures from the worlds of entertainment, journalism and broadcasting, who congratulate the hired apprentice and look back at their rise to victory in front of a live audience, before finding out what the winner thought of the other candidates.