So, Noorul's gone. It only took six bleedin' weeks. As for Ben, if he winds up in the boardroom again (how many times has he been in there now, 4?) this programme is one patented Hewer gurn away from total farce. It is now week seven, and only nine candidates remain in the battle to become Sir Alan's apprentice. Following their early morning wake-up call, everyone is excited when they are told they must pack an overnight bag. Anticipating foreign parts and warmer climes, sunglasses and flip flops are among the essential items that one candidate decides to take. However, it is not long before any ideas of glamorous travel are dispelled. In a task designed to test their sales skills, Sir Alan sends them to the North of England, where they must select two new innovative products to sell to trade. Determined that everyone should sell, Sir Alan gives each candidate their own individual order books with strict instructions to notch up as many orders as possible (and it would appear Phil's is on Kate's list. If that makes any sense *waggles eyebrows*). The Apprentice: You're Fired! is on BBC2 at 10.00pm and sees Adrian Chiles joined by Ruby Wax, Mark Frith and someone called Kavita Obero.