Mr. Sandhurst finally got the boot last week. Although Miss Wallface should've been forgmarched out the door. Now, with just six candidates remaining, the pressure is on to win and make it through to the penultimate task. This week, Sir Alan returns to an old favourite as he sets the teams the task of selling live on TV (something which hasn't been done since series two - remember the jumper?! Or was it a cardigan?) The teams must select, from thousands of products, the ones they think they can sell best during just one hour of live television. The candidates all set out to prove what they are made of, but Sir Alan is not in the market for a TV presenter. He wants someone with real business flair, and the task is designed to see who can identify the right products for the right market and sell the most. When the cameras start rolling and the candidates go live, even the more experienced sales people discover that being natural does not always come naturally.