Tis back, with another herd of individuals who wouldn't last an episode on the English version. Bill Cullen, the big boss man, will line out with co-sharks Jackie Lavin and Brian Purcell to begin the drill of finding this year's best business head amongst 16 hopeful candidates. The eager entrants will battle it out for 13 weeks in a series of weekly tasks set by Ireland's top brands in what is still one of Europe's toughest economic neighbourhoods. This year the candidates - 8 women and 8 men have come from a variety of different work backgrounds - we have a barber, a property developer, solicitor, sales person, a property surveyor and a mother of five. All hungry for success... especially since they left their jobs to be ridiculed for our viewing pleasure. The Apprentice: You're Fired follows at 10.20pm, with a new cynical sort in the echoey confines of the Wright Venue. One Anton Savage is replacing Brendan O'Connor, as he subtly rips the mick out of the show's freshly rejected candidate.