Liz? LIZ?! What were you thinking, Sugar? Ah, of course, conversational points and therefore TV ratings, of course. Surely Baggs won't survive 'the interviews' stage... Lord Sugar's search for an apprentice reaches its penultimate week, and the five remaining candidates face a different type of challenge: they each have to face a gruelling grilling process on their own. There is nowhere to hide as they are grilled by four of Lord Sugar's trusted business colleagues, one of whom is a very familiar face (HI MARGARET *waves*). It is the ultimate test of character, as every aspect of their personal and professional lives is scrutinised and judged by the influential interviewers. After they have made their assessments, Lord Sugar's four advisors give him their opinions and explain their verdicts to him in the boardroom. As each of the candidates takes their turn to plead their case, three are fired as Lord Sugar delivers his final ruling on who will make it through to the final. Which Liz should be in. Just saying.