The teams are called to gleaming offices in Fleet Street, home to London's oldest newspaper district. Lord Sugar informs the candidates they'll be creating and publishing a free magazine. But first he shuffles the teams, appointing the project managers. Free magazines earn money by selling advertising, but advertisers only buy space in titles with a surefire market. As such, the teams must choose a hit subject, produce appropriate editorial content and convince advertisers they will reach a big audience. As Karren keeps notes, one team is led downmarket by their editor with a low-brow lads' magazine (assume it's Natasha). The other team, accompanied by 67-year old Nick, goes for the oldies market, and on the way comes up with some patronising names (cue raised eyebrows from Nick). But despite some research with sprightly over-sixties, it soon descends into stereotypes, while Karren winces as the lads' mag embraces innuendo and photoshoots get racy... Joining Dara tonight on You're Fired (10.00pm, BBC2) is MediaCom's managing partner Claudine Collins, comedienne Jenny Eclair, and Nick Hewer himself.