Jane and her array of 'Arah sure yer having me on *tsks*' facial expressions have been fired, leaving the rest of the candidates to enter the keep-fit business... The teams have two days to devise and brand a new fitness class that reflects recent popular trends like Zumba or Body Pump, which attract gym members to classes in droves. They must then pitch their routines to leading health and fitness chains, who will pay for the rights to run them if they like what they see. With advice from a fitness expert who is impressed with the concept, one team opts for street dance merged with martial arts in the hope it will win them big orders. The other team turn back the clock; inspired by a 1980s dance troupe they adopt a strictly retro style, incorporating hula hoops and space-hoppers... As ever, The Apprentice: You're Fired follows on BBC2 afterwards - and it features Katie Price.