This week, can the teams devise a brand and identity for a British sparkling wine to compete with cava, prosecco and champagne? Half of each team stays in London to plan the marketing campaigns, while their team-mates head to a vineyard in Surrey to get better acquainted with the product *hics*. One team opts to stop off at Tesco to get a feel for the market, but cannot find a sommelier to explain which fizz sells best and why. At the vineyard there is plenty of sparkling wine on hand to sample, but tongues get tangled when one team takes the tasting too seriously, leaving their sober London team-mates having to do all the work. Those appearing on You're Fired at 10.00pm (BBC3) includes DJ Sara Cox, 'comedian' Andy Parsons (bald dude who shouts a lot on Mock the Week, and marketing expert Lucy Jackson.