Cutting Edge charts a month in the life of ambulance 212 and its crews as they attempt to comply with Government targets to reach 75% of life-threatening calls within eight minutes. But how much of their work actually involves saving lives? And how much is tea and sympathy? This insightful documentary (aren't they always) provides a fascinating view of modern British society and daily lives of the paramedics on the front line of the NHS. Cameras fixed in the ambulance, and shoulder cams for the crew, capture these committed men and women coping with everything from binge drinking and suicide attempts to repeat callers who just want a chat and a cup of tea. Working 10 to 12-hour shifts, and averaging four shifts in eight days, the Ambulance Service of Reading Central deals with upwards of 300 calls a day. They never know entirely what situation they will face on their arrival - childbirth, domestic incidents, life-threatening situations - and making the right decision under extreme pressure is vital.