Nestled beneath and between the twin towers was the Marriott World Trade Center Hotel. Tending to the regular influx of tourists and business travellers, it was one of the busiest hotels in New York City. While guests were finishing their continental breakfasts and relaxing in the luxury pool on 11th September 2001, the tranquil environment of their hotel was shattered by the roar of jet engines and the horror of burning debris. Though many managed to escape before the towers came crashing down, some guests and staff became trapped after the collapse of the second tower; miraculously, 14 survived. This is the remarkable account of the men and women caught up in this incredible story. They include a British family on holiday; a hotel receptionist; an actress whose actions would later turn her into an American hero; a lawyer who ignored the commotion to prepare for an impending trial and narrowly escaped death; and his fire-fighter rescuer.