This four-part Thomas Hardy adaptation focuses on Tess Durbeyfield, a pesant girl who's encouraged by her father to seek advancement with their supposed relatives. Said relatives are the wealthy D'Urbervilles, namely a charmer called Alec, the man of the house since his father's death. He showers her with attention and gifts, promising her family will want for nothing - but as she soon discovers to her cost, there's a dark side to her handsome new suitor. He's a bit of a violent bugger. Gemma Arterton, Hans Matheson, Ian Puleston-Davies and Anna Massey star. If you're leaning more towards a murder mystery in your period setting of a Sunday evening; a new series of Agatha Christie's Poirot starts on UTV at 9.00pm. When a woman is found dead in her home suspicion immediately falls upon her lodger, but Superintendent Spence begins to question the man's guilt. David Suchet stars.