Simon Alveranga directs Teen Undertaker, a film that follows two teenagers embarking on their adult lives and fulfilling a shared dream, to work with dead people. For many teenagers, becoming an undertaker seems an unimaginable career choice, but that's not the case for Laura and Paul. Laura has been passionate about her job since doing work experience at the age of 15. Now 18 years old, she spends her days as a trainee undertaker and in her free time she prepares for beauty pageants as an aspiring Miss Norfolk. Paul is 19 years old, has a new girlfriend and spends his days preparing the dead for burial. He is passionate about his job, but during the course of the film he has to face one of the biggest challenges of his life: burying a relative. Featuring interviews with family, friends and beauty pageant contestants, this First Cut examines the emotional rollercoaster of youth, as Laura and Paul strive to balance a normal teenage life with that of a Teen Undertaker.