Alleged comedian Paddy McGuiness presents this brand new Saturday night dating show where he will try and find 30 single girls a date and hopefully, in the process, the man of their dreams. The ladies come from across the UK and all have one thing on their mind: trouser tackle. But can the single boys do enough to turn them on and win themselves a date? The girls in question are all demanding sorts, and know exactly what they want from a man, but will the boys live up to their expectations? Or will the girls return next week until Paddy can eventually find them a man? Each guy has just three rounds in which to impress the ladies. All the girls have to do is keep their light on if they are impressed with what they see, but if they’re not, then they turn their light off. The first round is based on looks alone, so it could be game over on round one... But if the guy can survive three rounds, the tables all turn and they gain control of the game, leaving it to them to ask the girls questions and pick the one they want to take out on a date. Sounds horrific, but it is a Saturday evening, what more can we expect?