Do you know anyone who watches Taggart? It's been translated into Dutch, French and Japanese if truth be told… That's quite the nod for a Glasgow-set detective drama, which is named after someone who died over a decade ago. Emily Patrick is alone in an empty community college lecture room, packing away her books. Before she has a chance to respond to the sound of footsteps, growing louder at a quickening pace, a sudden and vicious assault leaves the passionate anti-domestic violence campaigner lying on the floor in a pool of blood. The prime suspect is an apparently reformed man whose violent behaviour once drove his ex-wife to almost kill him in self defence. Although the team is able to build a solid case against him, the investigation is put in jeopardy when Ross suffers a moment of madness. John Michie and Blythe Duff star. If this grabs you, you might also be interested in the repeat of  Tonight's Violent Women, which can be seen at 10.40pm.