Tom Hardy's new series continues tonight, in case you missed it so far, the historical drama sees James Delaney (Hardy) return to London in 1814 after being presumed dead in Africa many years before. He is back to seek vengeance for the death of his father but is also set to inherit what is left of his family's shipping empire. His return not only threatens to disrupt the plans of his half-sister Zilpha and her husband Thorne, but also the political ambitions of the mighty East India Company, chaired by Sir Stuart Strange. In tonight's fourth episode, The Crown makes a cunning move against James Delaney, bolstered by the East India Company, which has its own reasons for frustrating the would-be businessman's plot. As London doors continue to close against him, James sets out to protect his interests by any means necessary, and enlists the depraved chemist Cholmondely into his company. Meanwhile, Lorna aims to prove she is anything but a weak link, and long-buried secrets become a matter of yet more intrigue and violence.