Dr Christian Jessen and Anna Richardson return for a second series of the diet magazine show that investigates eating disorders, morbid obesity, extreme regimes and body dysmorphia. Overseen by Dr Jessen, each week a supersizer meets a superskinny as they both enter the feeding clinic to help each other unlock their dysfunctional relationship with food. This week, weighing in at just 6 stone 8 pounds is superskinny working mum Gillian. The 24-year-old Inverness nurse is so busy caring for others she's forgotten how to look after herself and her weight has plummeted. Her polar opposite is another nurse, 26-stone self-confessed foodie Philippa, whose typical daily supersize menu includes a generous breakfast, followed by burger and fries, Yorkshire pudding and shepherd's pie. Meanwhile, Anna Richardson, who's lost a fair bit of weight herself funnily enough, travels to LA to investigate the continuing obsession with thinness.