One year after his first visit, nutritionist Christian Jessen is reunited with an 8-stone chain smoker from Brighton and a 37-stone 'carb junkie' from Northern Ireland to discover whether they have managed to maintain their healthy diets. >From beige basic stodge to the height of food w*nkery; Heston's Tudor Feast steamrolls on at 9.00pm. Singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor, food critic Jay Rayner, presenter Alex Zane, hotelier Ruth Watson and TV personality Cilla Black (AKA pretty much anyone who isn't specifically working at the moment) join Heston Blumenthal for a Tudor-style dinner. Dishes on offer include frog blancmange, bone marrow rice pudding and an edible mythical monster - inspired by one ordered by Henry VIII to impress the king of France - with the head of a pig, the body of a lamb and the tail-end of a goose. Anyone fancy a snack-box?