More than 200,000 Americans undergo dangerous weight-loss surgery every year, and as the obesity epidemic spirals, the patients are getting younger. This documentary follows 24-stone 13-year-old Laura Broach as she has gastric bypass surgery and 14-year-old Victoria Jordan who is paying $25,000 for a reversible gastric band in a bid to lose some of her 19 stone. Over in Britain, doctors are now calling for more surgery for obese kids, but how much can we really know about the long term dangers to children like Laura and Victoria? Even if she survives surgery, about 99 per cent of Laura's stomach will be permanently cut away and she will never be able to eat normally again. This documentary will feature unprecedented access to hospital operating rooms ('cause we've never seen stuff like that before - on ITV) and footage of the teenagers' families as they struggle to make the right decisions for their daughters.