The Superhuman strand continues with a fascinating insight into some of the world's most extraordinary people, including an outstanding teenage artist, the accountant with the phenomenal memory, the fascinating child musician, and the seven-year-old science whizzkid. Thirteen-year-old Akiane paints works of art worth thousands of pounds and she started when she was just four years old. She tells the film how a voice in her head, which she believes to be God, taught her how to start painting and a home video shows how, by the time she was just eight, she was painting detailed portraits on giant canvases. The film also meets the man who was the inspiration for the hit film Rain Man. Kim Peek, from Salt Lake City, has brain damage which has left him with the greatest memory in the world - able to remember 98% of everything he ever reads. Which is a fair bit considering he's memorised in excess of 12,000 books.