In Coronation Street, people were still trying to come to terms with the tram crash. The events of the past week or so seemed to have brought many couples closer together but, it looked like Becky and Steve's marriage was over as he found out she stole money from Dev's safe. Furious his wife could stoop to such a low level, he told her to pack her bags and even threatened to call the police. A bit harsh seeing as she did it so they could keep Max. He eventually came round, sort of but, it wasn't long until more trouble arrived. The woman who has effected everyone's lives somehow or another arrived back. That's right, Tracey Barlow, the black widow, made her grand entrance and it was only Ken and Deirdre who were happy to see her, for obvious reasons. Tracey announced she was a free woman as some evidence was thrown out of court and that a re-trial was going to take place. She hadn't even her coat off and she was telling the McDonald's that she was taking Amy for Christmas Day. Wanting to keep the peace, Steve agreed but the proverbial hit the ceiling as Amy announced to her mum that Max was bought. And so began angry jibes and the usual threatening accusations. Charlotte was laid to rest during the week, with John in the front row beside her oblivious parents and Gary's behaviour began to scare many on the cobbles.

Over in Emmerdale, David learned the shocking truth that Justin was Jacob's biological father which meant Leyla lied to everyone. The young boy was still missing at the start of the week and rather then keeping their gobs shut and trying to look for him, his three parents couldn't stop arguing. As the week almost came to an end, David and Leyla searched the moors and heard Jacob crying out for help. Trapped in an abandoned building and buried underneath a load of rubble, David rushed to save him, while risking his own life. In more turbulent family news, Declan's dad Dermot arrived (who is played by the legend that is Frank Kelly) in the village. Declan wasn't happy to see his old man and started pushing for him to leave but, Dermot wanted to stay and enjoy some of his son's wealth. Chas was doubting her plans all week and really made us wait until the wedding day to see what she would do. At the beginning of the week, she began organising her Christmas themed hen do, with all the ladies wearing some cheap Santa suits. Outside the pub however, one hen in particular strayed from the bunch and met Carl. Eve was trying one last time to tempt the groom-to-be, but he was standing firm on his decision to marry Chas. However, Cain arrived just in time to see them in a suspicious embrace and ended up giving Carl an early wedding present - a black eye. Charity managed to cool him down and told him what Chas was doing. Finally, Jackson went home for Christmas while Pollard saw a booking in the B&B from a lady called Elizabeth and thought it was the same Elizabeth who perished in the plane crash all those years ago.

Having failed to kill Ryan at home, Janine gave it one more go in the EastEnd's local hospital. While her husband fought for his life, she was busy blocking his oxygen tube when Pat walked in. With the game up, she admitted her plan to Pat, unaware that Ryan had woken up and was listening to every word. He was soon home and went straight to see Janine. They talked and talked and talked, with the outcome being that Ryan needed some time and space, but he claimed he still loved her. Delighted there was still hope, Janine got her nails and hair done, so to impress Ryan. Sadly, it was all in vain as she caught her husband and Stacey kissing in the pub. Now that he had made up his mind, the new couple announced to their families they were a couple. That news went down like a lead balloon. Max tried to talk to Stacey about her decision and lied to Lauren as he did so. Disgusted Stacey was making her dad tell porkies, Lauren vindictively paid Janine a visit and passed over the taped confession. Then, on Christmas Day, Janine played the recording for everyone in the square. So, that storyline pretty much dominated the entire week, but a few other bits and bobs happened. Tanya and Greg were invited to a dinner at the Branning's, Peter found out his dad was having an affair with Glenda and he decided to leave home while Bianca got into trouble with the law.

Finally, let's have a look at Fair City. Seamus McAleer was determined to buy McCoy's from Louie and at the start of the week, and the landlord was adamant to keep the pub. However, he soon changed his tune after Carol stated she would only miss her job and not him, should the place be sold. It was then that Louie met with McAleer and signed over majority of his empire. When the news became public knowledge, Carol was devastated and declared to Louie that she would be really upset if he left Carraigstown and it wasn't long until the pair were kissing. There was more scandal when the new landlord of the pub told everyone he was planning on knocking it down in a matter of days and as they were letting that news sink in, Christy announced he and Carol were going to get married on Paddy's day, which was news to his fiancé. Elsewhere, Keith and Sarah arrived home from their romantic weekend away but it was clear Keith didn't have as good a time as Sarah. She soon found out and was rather upset. Instead of making it up to his girlfriend though, he spent some time with Orla and you can guess what happened. Finally, Doug and Pete left for London, not for good, mind.