It was all go during the week in Eastenders. With Stacey now gone, Jean was finding it hard to cope. Understandable really, Stacey was the only person who got her mother. Over the last few days, Kat tried to help her but began to worry about her state of mind after she found her in the bath. It turned out, Jean was trying to drown herself. But, Kat should have been more concerned with herself as she ended up giving birth, in the pub, with the help of Mo and had a beautiful baby boy called him Tommy. Meanwhile, the other pregnant lady, Ronnie, gave birth to a baby boy too, however, tragedy struck when he stopped breathing and died. In a moment of madness, she sneaked into the Vic, went upstairs and swapped him for Kat's baby, while she was at the hospital getting the once over, after a scare. Once Kat returned home, she found, what she thought was Tommy, dead in his cot. It wasn't until later in the week that she realised that it wasn't her baby. Ronnie was morning her son but it didn't look like she was going to tell anyone the truth anytime soon. Elsewhere, Tiffany walked in on Carol and Connor doing the business and Christian kissed another man, behind Syed's back.

Over in Coronation Street, the tension is the Webster's was reaching breaking point. Sally had separated all her food and appliances, while Kevin remained adamant that he was not going to move out. By the end of the week though, everyone was gone. Rosie, as you know, moved in with Jason but Sophie and Sian were forced to leave home after Sally walked in on them just after they shared a night of passion together. But, enough about them, the real drama was unfolding at the Rovers and at Tracey's gaf. At the beginning of the week, she told Becky that she had a plan to split her family up, for good. That wasn't all she had planned though, she set her sights on Nick and also tormented Leanne and Nick, just for a giggle. By the end of the week, just as the clock went passed midnight, Tracey stood at her door and was met with an almighty thump to the head. Lying in a pool of blood, it looked like she had kicked the bucket but Steve arrived and found her. Then, so too did Ken and Deirdre who instantly suspected him of causing their daughter's injuries. Finally, John began loosing his marbles and asked Dr Carter for help.

So, Chas didn't go through with it in Emmerdale, thank God and with a broken heart, she spent most of last week drowning her sorrows, which is completely understandable. But there were more important things going on in the Dales which included Pollard being tormented and Katie getting annoyed. First off, Pollard was receiving cryptic letters and messages from a lady called Elizabeth. Remember the ex wife Elizabeth that died in the plane crash all those years ago? Well, he thought it was her ghost at first, but then thought that Amy was behind it all. However, he was wrong on both counts and realised that when Elizabeth's son Michael, (who Pollard framed for fraud) arrived back to the village. He wasted no time in shouting his mouth off, which caused Val to wonder who she had married. In other news, Katie and Gennie's house got trashed and the immediate suspect was Andy. All down to the fact that he was like a lost puppy, following Katie around the place. Finally, on New Year's Eve, Scarlett was left broken hearted when Mia kissed Adam.

And finally, in Fair City, the most exciting event of the entire week was watching Dermot, Jo and Ben get stuck to a model aeroplane. The Fahey's should be renamed The Klutzes. But, I can't dwell on that so here's a brief rundown on the rest of the week. Wayne arrived home and brought a smile to Damien's face when he announced they would be spending Christmas together. Not only did he manage to cheer the poor guy up, he also accompanied him to see a councillor. Niamh was forced to look after one of Esther's clients when she went home sick and, it was pretty comical I must say. To be honest, not sure if any of you will agree but, Niamh is probably the best actress out of the lot. Anyway, she pretended to this client, that Dermot (who broke free from the plane) used to be very over weight (which he still is in fairness) and that Slim Star worked wonders for him. Not sure what the point of that storyline was but, that's Fair City for you. Finally, McAleer enjoyed his alone time in the pub, while Louie was forced to stay with Christy and Carol, which looked very awkward seeing as he fancies the pants off her.