Another chance to see this documentary from earlier in the year that had everyone throwing out their yoghurts and renouncing sugar and all its evil works. It sees Dr Eva Orsmond, formerly of Operation Transformation fame, investigating Ireland's consumption of sugar. On average, we eat about 24 teaspoons a day, which sounds like a crazy amount, although we assume it's sneaking into our food in ways we don't realise, like that pesky salt.

Dr Eva outlines ways to cut back on excessive sugar consumption as she reveals the shocking cost of the nation's sugar habit in hospital admissions, long-term illness and life expectancy. She also meets members of a family in Kilkenny, who are hoping to reduce their sugar habit, and are stunned to find out how much is lurking in their 'normal' diet. No doubt she will tell them to 'cop on' in her typical Eva way.