Amy Huberman and Neil Morrisey star in this brand new four-part drama for RTE which is heading into its penultimate episode tonight. Huberman plays Tara, a young solicitor about to marry the man of her dreams until she catches him in bed with a work colleague on her hen night. She then quits her job at the prestigious law firm they worked at together and decides to, yep, strike out on her own. There's a bang of The Good Wife off this, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, and while there are similarities, this is a legal drama very much about contemporary Dublin life, from the goings-on among the legal and political establishments to the hipster cafe Tara finds her new office in. In tonight's episode, Tara tackles what seems to be a case of bigamy when two women claim to be married to the same dying man and are both keen to claim next-of-kin rights.