Have to say, we didn't think Ruth Jones could play a character we loved any more than Nessa in 'Gavin and Stacey', but although they couldn't be more different -  Stella certainly gives her a run for her money. Tonight, the nurse wants to know what the deal is with her relationship with Michael, is it just lust or is there something more going on? She decides to issue a sex ban in the hope of getting to know the lawyer outside of the bedroom. Should prove interesting for them! Also, Emma has to face the reality of being 'the other woman', when Collette arrives back from her trip to Ireland. (Well, here). Meanwhile, big Alan has lots of making up to do with Celia, who sheds light on her painful past, while Luke's world threatens to come crashing down after a slip-up at work. Stella will certainly have her hands full dealing with all that lot, never mind the lawyer fella as well, but sure no better woman.