In a live, three-day stripped event Professor Brian 'D-ream' Cox and Dara 'BBC Golden Boy' O Briain look to the skies to bring the wonders of the stars into viewers' living rooms. Though he trained as a physicist, Dara is secretly a frustrated astronomer - he's been living with an unopened telescope in his attic for as long as he can remember. So Brian takes Dara on a crash course of the skies, showing him how to spot and take pictures of celestial marvels. Plus, Brian finds time to talk to three astronauts currently floating around the International Space Station. Former BBC golden boy, Jonathan Ross, finds out that anyone can be an astronomer, as he's taught Astronomy 101 by The One Show's resident stargazer, Mark Thompson. Over three days, gadget-obsessed Jonathan has to prove that he can navigate the night skies with just a pencil, paper and a humble pair of binoculars. Continues tomorrow.