Matthew Vaughn's delightful family fantasy from 2007 is the perfect way to spend a cold January Sunday evening. The village of Wall (yes, Wall) nestles alongside a mysterious wall that must not be crossed. But when Tristan (Charlie Cox) promises to bring his beloved Victoria (Sienna Miller) a star that has fallen on the other side of the divide, he finds himself caught up in a mystical world. But four treacherous sons also seek the star to gain their dying father's throne, as do three evil witches. When the star takes the human form of Yvaine (Claire Danes), Tristan sets out to take her to Victoria and must face deadly enemies as well as unlikely allies (including Robert De Niro as the flamboyant aerial pirate Captain Shakespeare). Based on Neil Gaiman's graphic novel, it also stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Mark Strong, while Ian McKellen narrates.