After numerous failed attempts to reignite the franchise, first with the original cast, then with the popular crew of The Next Generation, it's taken a man with no connection to the Star Trek universe to breathe life into this sleeping beast - JJ Abrams. The plot, surprisingly, links wonderfully from the old Trek universe, as it opens with the heroic demise of James T Kirk's father, as he sacrifices his own life to save that of hundreds of others - including his wife and newborn son. Years later, and Kirk Jr. has grown up to a bit of a charismatic rogue, with a liking of the broads - regardless of their planet of origin. Soon his potential for greatness is spotted by Captain Pike, a gung-ho leader of his own ship, The Starship Enterprise. Very much a two-hander, with the origins of Kirk and Spock nicely explored, the action kicks in when Eric Bana's Romulan wrong sort carries a grudge through a worm hole. Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Zoe Saldana star.