TV3 come across with a delightful repeat tonight which exposes the cunning techniques being used by employees prepared to break the law to top up their wages. Cameras shadow a security expert on a stakeout as he tries to crack a warehouse scam and reveal a pilfering postman at work, while the programme examines the staggering greed of a head teacher who used the school budget to fund a luxury lifestyle at her pupils' expense. But theft is not the only way employees upset bosses. Staff From Hell reveals what happens when they turn violent, including the nanny who beat up her boss and the salesman who stabbed his employer. Plus, the undercover reporter who worked as a servant to the Queen tells why he was the staff member from hell as far as Her Majesty and the security services are concerned. The last in the present series of How The Irish Have Sex can be endured/avoided at 9.00pm.