For those of you missing Planet Earth from your life, you'll enjoy this new four-part series, originally shown on the BBC, which is a follow up to Spy in the Huddle and Spy in the Pod. It involves putting a hidden camera into a fake animal and using it to spy on what they get up to. The intention with this series is to record real animal emotions and display their similarities with humans. The topics discussed for each of the four episodes include love, friendships, mischief, and intelligence. Tonight's opening episode will feature a Spy Pup, a Spy Penguin, a Spy Tortoise, a Spy Bushbaby and a Spy Monkey. Highlights include a male tortoise trying to mate with the fake tortoise (morto for it) and the group of monkeys who think their fake monkey friend has died when the camera stops working, which is very sad altogether. Oh and Scottish actor David Tennant narrates, which is pretty cool.