Or, if you prefer, The Magdalene Brothers. Based on Patrick Galvin's autobiographical, The Raggy Boy Trilogy, the brutal, disturbing (although not always for the reasons you might think) 'Song for a Raggy Boy' is set within a particularly nasty boarding school for boys in 1939. Aidan Quinn plays William Franklin, a veteran of the Spanish Civil War, who is appointed as a lay teacher in the St. Jude's Reformatory School. The rest of the teachers are all Christian Brothers and rule the school with an iron fist. Some, like Brother John (Glen), have a tendency to rely on physical force, while others, like Brother Mac (Warren), are more interested in sexually abusing the boys. Disgusted by what he sees as institutionalised abuse, Franklin determines to help the boys as much as he can. Some people might prefer to devote their attention to the one of the most mighty of elements - Wind (9.00pm, BBC2).