Coronation Street: It was bound to happen. The feel good hormones after the whirlwind delivery have depleted, so Kirsty started chucking plates around the gaff when baby Rewbeeeh won't stop bawling. When Tyrone returned he was aghast by what he found and immediately whisks Rooohbaaay off to the Medical Centre. Then he found out that Kirsty's not been going to her rageahol counselling sessions. However, all of that paled in comparison when Kirsty's mum showed up, swiftly followed by her perennially furious husband. Elsewhere, Lloyd tried that bit too hard to win new found daughter Jenna around, and Ryan moved in when Sophie and Sally after Tracy shooed him from her doorstep - Ken wouldn’t approve apparently, which is gas considering he's bound to reignite his affair with Wendy Crozier at any given moment.

Emmerdale: Cameron’s obsession with finding Carl’s money had dire consequences for Sarah - as in he left her alone and she got incredibly sick. Cue a heavily pregnant Debbie roaring her head off about being induced early as Sarah needs her marrow transplant ASAP. Speaking of questionable parenting, Gennie fretted she’ll be a bad mother after accidentally hurting pretendy baby Henry. Hey at least she didn't leave him on the back doorstep like she did last week. Marlon was overly gleeful when he clocked Paddy doing community his service, while Gabby decided that she now only wants to live with Ashley. The man she was terrified of approximately a month ago.

EastEnders: Phil got more bad news (Ben's being done for murder) so he immersed himself in The Vic - which only served to remind him of other rank memories, so he's started kipping on the sofa upstairs (in the room Peggy locked him into when he was coming off the crack) and has organised some redecorating. Syed was beside himself with guilt for betraying his family, so expect a lot of wailing coming from the Masood household this week. As luck would have it, some random bloke called Danny (that being Gary Lucy) decided to lend his ear- and potentially other body parts - to Syed. Meanwhile Michael was struggling with single parenthood, so Roxy of all people stepped in. Then she tried to step back out again when he started treating her like a nanny with benefits.

Fair City: Renee's painful past caught up with her when Deegan started asking uncomfortable questions. So she set about manipulating both Bob and Louie - and not just for fun. Keith and Neasa struggled to handle Finn's mood - especially when he announced that he's closing The Station. Elsewhere, Carol upped the ante in her war against Ingrid; Kelly had the day from hell working in Phelans; while Dermot got in a muddle when Maeve flirted with him.