: So Max wasn't best pleased that his big brother's been blackmailing Tanya. Derek, being a belligerent old toad, told Max to stick his threats and sets about revealing that secret he's been keeping for years - leaving Lauren's jaded drunken antics pale in comparison. The short story is, Derek wound up dead - but whodunit?! As it turns out, it was his dodgy ticker. Or perhaps the fact that Max is alright with Joey doing Lauren. Liam was acting the goat, while Lola got excited about planning Lexi's christening, that is until she heard what Phil had planned. In more light-hearted happenings; Kim woke up ready to celebrate Christmas only to discover she'd slept through the whole day thanks to Mo's punch.

Coronation Street: As Leanne tried to look forward to her wedding to Nick, Peter was breathing down her neck - which she quite enjoyed. So she popped around to Peter's flat in her wedding dress, offering to take it off, until Carla put in an appearance. Speaking of love triangles, David's constant whining for a 'baaaybaaah of us owwwn', while generally being a snide sort with a bad does of sinus, drove Kylie into the arms of Nick. On to love triangle number three: after Kevin put the lunge in on Jenna, the physio informed Sophie that she wasn't sure she could continue treating her, leaving a lovelorn teen devastated. And love triangle number four: Tyrone is so infatuated with Fiz that he was willing to risk getting custody of Ruby just to spend some time with Ms Brown around Christmas. Elsewhere, Maria was already badgering Marcus for his seed. Herself and David should hook up.

Emmerdale: So, Cameron managed to overcome another man twice his size by bopping them over the head. This time his victim was Alex. Then Debbie tried to run him over (that being Cameron; Alex's body had been through enough). Katie and Declan's 'rock solid' relationship nosedived further when he found out she has a fertility impeding abscess on her ovary. Elsewhere, Alicia assumed she was getting a classy trinket off David for Christmas, when in fact the bracelet was bound for Pryia. Surprisingly, Alicia told Jacob that her and David have split up, leaving the youngster crying into his packet of crisps. Paddy subtly reminded Edna that she owes his a wedge in doggy insurance, then her gaf got 'burgled' (Cameron trashed it). Still, at least Laurel managed to enjoy herself - by getting pie eyed. 

Fair City: Carrigstown's Christmas week largely centered around festive love triangle number five. It was all about Luke and Judith's simmering relationship, which was helped along nicely after the latter spotted Tommy heading off into the park with Jo… Eddie continued to entice Wayne with the promise of riches; Orla secretly moved into McCoy's flat; and Bela and Yvonne resorted to desperate measures to stave off starvation. Yep, 'starvation.'

Ros na Run: Gráinne and Mo celebrated Christmas in the new house with the three not-so-wise men, and Peadar had an unpleasant experience when he took Joe as a fare.