Coronation Street: So, there you are, on the couch with your illicit lover, and the next thing you know you're being watched by your mother. Who used to date said lover. In short, Audrey caught Gail and Lewis at it, leaving Gail hell bent on getting Lewis that money he needs for them to move to Italy. He also had an ace up his sleeve; he overheard Kylie and Nick having the usual wince-laden conversation about the latter potentially being the father of Kylie's unborn baaaybah. What's more exciting is that we got to see the office of The Bistro. Kirsty let Tyrone think he's going to get to see Ruby, but then she didn't, so he tried to do a smash and grab in the middle of the street; Sylvia landed home from the states, swiftly followed by her case; and we were still meant to care that Jenna's job was on the line. Fret not, everything worked out in the end,

Emmerdale: Alicia was gutted to find out about David and Priya's impromptu engagement, so she hightailed it off to Scotland with Jacob. Don't worry, Jacob, they have crisps up there too. Cameron finally returned to the village, and got down on bended knee, because it's one of his preferred past times. Isn't Chas the lucky one. Moira was shaken (and not even just a little bit turned on) to see the extent of Cain's hatred (in general); Katie struggled when Gennie asks her to be Molly's Godmother; and Lisa caught Belle on the couch with Luke, so she sent her off to get the pill despite her 14-year-old not being active in that regard.

EastEnders: Cora was livid, the squinty kind, when she heard that Tanya had agreed to meet with Max and she did all she could to stop her daughter from making more of a muppet out of herself. Masood was bewildered when AJ pointed out that Ayesha is playing games with him - but the middle-aged postie was in for a shock when he called her bluff. Because women of the calibre actually do fancy paunchy posties in soapland. Bianca and Kat excitedly made plans to set up a stall on the market together, it's just a shame Ian and the rest of the traders of Bridge Street weren't so keen; Alfie made a song and dance about putting Roxy's name over the door of he boozer; an emotional Lola said goodbye to Lexi as Phil takes her away to Cornwall for a holiday with Peggy; while Whitney and Tyler called it a day after deciding to move in with each other. They'll be back together before you know it.

Fair City: Tommy ruined Judith's family day, but when she goes running to Luke, he rejected her too. Little Ben stopped Dermot from kicking Jo out, not realising that daddy really hates mummy's guts. Eddie lured Paul into making a deal he might live to regret; in more recurring themes, Orla attempted to improve business resulted in her losing her job - then her efforts to get her job back end in disaster. Elsewhere, Ray steers clear as Wayne and Paul competed to be top dog, and in more Paul news, Eddie lured him into make a deal he might live to regret. As in he's down about 60 grand next week.