Coronation Street: So the likelihood of Peter and Nick's 'truce' being maintained for any reasonable length of time was minimal, so Peter losing the rag spectacularly at Simon's birthday party wasn't exactly a shocker. Well, Nick did pull out all the stops entertainment wise and gave the 9-year-old a birthday laptop. Leanne then decided she had enough and announced plans to up sticks again. Needless to say, Peter morphed into Sir Rantsalot, unleashed a flurry of rage at Carla in the factory. Luckily, Carla's brother swooped in to salvage the situation. Next thing you know, Carla's dumped, Peter was proposing to Leanne, and then kidnapping Simon at the school gates Kind of. Anna was getting it in all directions this week, between bullied Faye's demeanour and Gary's baby news (not to mention Owen's reaction to it); Tracy moved in with Emily despite Norris's worries about living with a convicted murderer, and Roy snubbed Hayley’s dance class presentation evening to play chess with Mary.

Emmerdale: This week, Ashley was taken in by an unlikely benefactor - Marlon. Alicia finally confessed her love to a clueless David and didn't quite get the response her brain had conjured up. Then, to top things off nicely, she got hauled off to prison for a year. Lisa avoided talking to Zak about her run ins with the moneylenders, which was needless as he had a run in with them regardless and turned to doting son, Cain, for help. That went down like a weighted balloon. Carl agreed to give Robbie a job for Megan’s sake; while Ruby lost her job and Ali's wild suspicions about her and Laurel grew.

EastEnders: Kat was determined to forget her "mystery lover" and hid her phone to save herself from temptation. But when she heard that an angry Alfie was looking for her she panics - and when she goes to retrieve her phone, it's gone for a hop. As it turns out Shenice took it. Then there's some business between Kat and Ray (some really dodgy dancing) which happened to ruffle Kim's feathers… Andrew announced that he's officially off the list of suspects, so police can now focus on catching the real killer - news Jay and Ben were thrilled to hear. In fact, they don't seem that perplexed, even enjoying a nice day out as a faaaaaaaahmbilly, that is until Jay found Hevveah's murder weapon / picture frame under Ben's bed. Meanwhile, after getting on the wrong side of Derek Branning, AJ frantically tried to put things right.

Fair City: Much to Bob's delight, Louie's homecoming proved less than joyous when Carol pushed Sash too far. Orla's attempt to wind up Neil didn't quite go to plan when he landed in Vinos brandishing a knife, causing quite the ruckus. Elsewhere, Emily, blackmailed by Lucy, ended her relationship with Laura.