Coronation Street: So Peter wasn't dead. He was just planning on fleeing the country with Simon under his arm. Thankfully Leanne tracked him down (by way of Carla, but more Michelle) and convinced him that Simon needed to choose between them. And that didn't traumatise him for life. In other disfunctional relationships, Tyrone covered for Kirsty again after her latest coniption fit. There is hope, though, in the form of Rob and Eva, and Maria and Jason (writers are rehashing couples now), while Mary developed that crush on Roy we all knew she was going to get. Elsewhere, Michelle's boy, young Ryan Connor, returned from college. He's undergone the usual soap teen transformation - the previous normal model has been replaced with a stick thin/beefed up model sort. And he's on drugs.

EastEnders: Despite having an epiphany regarding her mid life crises and her potential worms on a load of scaffolding in the presence of Jean a few weeks back, Shirley continued to hit the bottle. Well, she did find out she's a redundant grandma considering Carly wants nothing to do with her. But then Shirley reached an unlikely understanding with Lola, which might just give her a bit more focus. Speaking of Lola, she had an eventful week involving kissing Jay and getting arrested. Janine's doubts regarding Michael snowballed when he freaked out at a baby first aid class, and Billy joined the footie team - on the condition he got to be the captain. Meanwhile, Kat and her mystery lover hung about alleyways and so on. The fact that they want us to think it's Ray, means it  can't be Ray. It's probably Ian Beale.

Emmerdale: After he's finished losing his head over the thought of Rhona and Paddy moving to New Zealand with his son, Marlon suddenly started to warm to the idea of moving with them. Mainly because Paddy told him to. Why not, they're a proper threesome. Thing is, Laurel started doing some warming of her own. Whatever will Marlon choose? A new life in New Zealand with his son, his best friend and his ex-girlfriend, or his old life in the dales with Laurel, her two kids, her father-in-law and her troublesome husband. I'll take the latter, please Bob. Lisa gave Zak  yet another chance even though she doesn't love him anymore, while Amy was reunited with her mother thanks to a bar brawl involving a shared love interest. Oh, and how could we forget Alex getting his top off in front of Moira. You'll never guess what's on the cards there. 

Fair City: Yvonne came out guns ablazing when Damien threatened to expose her sordid secret to Bela, but Damien had no intention of backing down. When Paul disapproved of Rachel's new boyfriend, Ray advised him to be smart if he wants to stop them seeing each other. As in don't start going mental when you notice a hicky on your daughter's neck. Leo tried to reassure Shannon that he still loves her but a message from Sandie drove them further apart, while Sean and Dearbhla were confident their camping trip will prove their relationship is solid. Nothing like a camping trip in the wilds of Montrose to cement a relationship...