Coronation Street: There was a lot of familiar ground being treaded this week; we had Maria and Jason enjoying each other's company during an actual date, while Michelle turned to Steve after her numpty son admitted he got turfed out of uni due to an incident involving fire extinguishers. So Steve essentially gave him Eileen's job, 'cause he's smitten with Michelle again as there's clearly limited options on one cobbled street. Speaking of which, we had to endure Sunita being sexy agin… When Stella, Eva and Leanne headed for a night out (eeek), Sunita cornered Karl in the pub - only for the Witches of Eastwick to return while they're grappling with each other's posteriors. Next thing we knew, Stella was throwing Karl out (again) and Dev was begging Sunita not to leave him (again). Elsewhere, Chesney's 18th ended abruptly after Izzy's sad news spread.


EastEnders: It's Billy's big day as the Olympic torch arrived in Walford. Assured by Alfie that he will make it back in time, he agreed to play in The Queen Vic football match - but then the inevitable happened. Alfie was also adamant that Kat should stay at home while the boys go to the football match, which was bound to work. We had an additional live episode on Monday of which saw Lola steal the show thanks to her quest for fried chicken. Later in the week, Joey came to Lucy's rescue again, Tanya uncovered a whopping big secret about Cora (which at the time of print we don't know much about), and Tamwar threw a large spanner into Masood's works.

Emmerdale: Wow, Rachel must be like clockwork. She only had it away with Jay on the factory floor two weeks ago yet she can categorically confirm she's now having his child. The one he so desperately wants. Just with Charity, not her. Kind of like the time he fathered Mia with Declan's wife. Cameron decided he wants to marry Debbie. So he asked her, and she didn't accept. So then he asked her again in the Wooly in front of Chaz… Megan lost the rag with her creepy son, and Marlon told a gobsmacked Paddy and Rhona he's staying in the village.

Fair City: After their less than successful camping retreat, Dearbhla realised she needed to keep Sean onside if she wanted to go to Canada, but Sean had other ideas. Like putting off Canada for another year. So they decided to go together while still pretending to be a couple. Tommy's annoyance at the newly-returned Zak's surly attitude brought him and Luke closer, which was nice. Dolores wished she didn't encourage Pete to be more active in Neil's life after the latter verbally attacked her in the street; and Eddie made another play for Neasa.