Emmerdale: It's one thing rebounding furiously with someone you've had little interest in up until recently, it's another asking them to marry you. At least Dan had the cop on to say no to Chas's impromptu proposal. Unfortunately towards the end of the week he said to hell with getting to know each other and asks Chas to get hitched, and she says yes. Cue Chas getting back with Cameron and Dan being left heartbroken, but in the meantime he had a laugh at Rachel's expense. He suggested she might be pregnant when he clocked her in the Woolly necking water instead of a pint of cider. She didn't take this well, especially since she was sat there waiting for Jai who stood her - and by extension his unborn child - up. Zak tried to mend his marriage(ish) by suggesting a trip to our neck of the woods; Priya stepped up her flirtations with David (they'll be getting it on in a bush next week); Amy was exasperated when Kerry continued to wind up Val and Pollard; and Marlon and Laurel are guilty keeping their relationship secret from Ashley. Oh just tell him already. Preferably before Paddy blurts it to the entire boozer next week.

Coronation Street: Anna called a family meeting at No6 and Owen apologised for ruining the christening, but maintained his stance that Katy is too young to be a surrogate and will be unable to give up the baby when it arrives. Chesney felt he should support Katy’s decision (especially with those new muscles of his), but then Owen told him all the details of the dangers Katy could be facing. She could die apparently. Rob and Eva had a bit of a run in after she got the newly hired Karl fired. Then Rob finds himself bonding Stella after hours... Well, more propositioning her. Well, who could blame him, Eva's red headband was a bit of a turn off. Tracy banned Michelle from having any contact with Amy (Michelle should do the same, it's only a matter of time before Tracy and Ryan get it on); Tommy went on the hunt for Kirsty and made some headway - until Dev almost buggered it all up. Next thing you know, Kirsty's back with Tyrone thanks to Tommy and Tina is livid.

EastEnders: As news spread of Ben and Jay's, eh, slight involvement in Heather's murder, Jay returned to the Square to face the wrath of the residents. The highpoint was Andrew giving chase for all of 15 seconds. Needless to say, things don't go well, and he finds himself kipping rough, that is until the usual "unlikely ally" steps in. Hello, Patrick. Thanks for the bed. Ian returned to the café and after a rocky start he has a breakthrough... until Phil of the furious whispers put pressure on him to help Ben. Clocking that Fatboy was being bullied at work, Alfie gave him some advice - but things don't quite go to plan. In short, he got fired 'n ting. Oh and it's been a while since residents had an awkward game of Spin The Bottle, so we had to endure that over our dinners.

Fair City: The news of Dolores' engagement left Lucy to melting point and she made some incendiary claims that caused Pete to lash out - kind've like Lucy wanted him to... Decco went on the attack when Zumo threatened his job and the latter was then forced to address his role within the Bishops. Meanwhile, Charlotte puts her 'Graham has dreamy hair but he's a big meanie' revenge plan into action, leading Vivienne to find alarming information on her daughter's phone. Not quite 'I've helped bury a body up the mountains, Ma' alarming but she felt the need to bare her teeth nonetheless.