Coronation Street:
Eva, still crushed by Rob’s betrayal - but not as crushed as certain body parts belonging to the latter - thanked Nick for being there for her. Because she looooves him. When she said she’s going to start looking for another job, Nick told her she shouldn’t let Rob beat her. So she got herself dollied up, and she tottered off to work where she informed the girls all about their boss's two-timing exploits. With her newly found confidence, Eva then decided to split up Nick and Leanne, with the aid of Kylie. It backfires slightly, as Leanne has asked Nick to marry her. Kirsty meanwhile got notions in her head about the yummy mummies in Ruby's playgroup, so she banned Tyrone from bringing their daughter to any birthday parties, or basically anything fun involving members of the opposite sex forever. Then when Fiz started mouthing off about her treatment of Tyrone, Kirsty landed her in A&E. A stitch in time 'n all that...

Emmerdale: Apparently Nickhil was miffed at missing baby Molly's milestones, which - given she's about 3 weeks old in real time - means nappy changes, spit ups and an array of farts. However, in soapland, she's probably laughing her head off and taking her first steps. Or, in this case, making frog legs. Jimmy fought his emotions and came to a decision about the business, leaving Charity determined to prove that the King needed her on board. It worked. Diane and Ashley were gobsmacked when Bernice landed back in the village to create a few Gabby-related waves. Unfortunately for us, she hasn't indulged in any acting lessons in her time away from the Dales. Then again, she is Diane's daughter... Edna was heartbroken to learn that Tootsie may have cancer (indeed some kind of curse has hit the canines of Emmerdale since Paddy got his license suspended), while Katie found herself stranded down a mineshaft. Folk just can't have an argument anymore without it taking place in a pub or resulting in someone falling down a mineshaft.

EastEnders: Ah, the ole 'secret sister' storyline. Having discovered that her sister is in fact alive, Tanya spent the night searching for information on her. And she did find her not twenty minutes down the road. Lauren and Joey tried to ignore the sexual chemistry between them by giggling in each others faces while in an empty house surrounded by cascading swatches of note paper. They failed miserably. So, when they felt all awkward after the deed, Lauren decided Joey must leave the square as of immediately. He probably should've followed her instruction as his dear daddy finds out their secret... Elsewhere, Poppy and Fats continued with the relationship we're trying to care about, while Phil found out the assault charges have been dropped against Lola - so he got his manipulating mitts on the situation.

Fair City: With Ingrid intent on squeezing the 'happy' out of Carol's life, she didn't notice Renee hatching a hateful plan of her own, leaving Louie in a spin. She only started blackmailing the pub land-lord. Then Bob wanted in on the action - in every sense of the word... Lucky Renee. Paul and Wayne continued to butt heads over at the garage, and Judith baffled the Dillon household when she reacts badly to Caoimhe and Zak’s plans to leave her nest. However will you fill the void, Judtith? *waves at Luke*