There's LOADS of films on the box tonight, so we opted to highlight the two worst ones on offer. Option A is surely Samuel L. Jackson's finest hour. He plays an FBI agent assigned to protect a witness in the trial of a feared crime boss. However, when they board a plane from Hawaii to Los Angeles, the gangster's henchmen hatch an ingenious plan to deal with them - by releasing 450 poisonous snakes smuggled on board the aircraft. This tongue-skewering-cheek thriller also stars Julianna Margulies and Jonathan Phillips. Option B it on RTE2 at 10.15pm and is Guy Ritchie's second finest hour (his first being Swept Away. A film so dire it's not even fit for TV), Revolver. The story sees a (wait for it) gangster languishing for seven years in solitary confinement after being set up by his deranged and dangerous former boss, who also murdered killed his sister-in-law. On his release he is bent on revenge, and two enigmatic loan sharks step in to help. Jason Statham, Ray Liotta, and Vincent Pastore star.