Compare this show to his stint on The Panel last Thursday... We know what we'd rather watch. By way of clarification, we'd prefer to see him ad lib off the cuff quips, showing up the likes of Karl Spain and Neil Delamere, than this overly rehearsed, shouty fare, peppered with breakdancing - just 'cause being random RAWKS. In saying that, we're willing to give it another whooorl. For those who didn't sample it last week, it's being peddled as a kaleidoscope of comedic fancies. You might even describe it as a satirical burlesque. It has the aforementioned breakdancers. It has a speed metal drummer. It has escapology. It has martial arts. It has a jazzy blues queen who looks like a goth Veronica Lake singing rock covers while playing a ukulele. And it has Andrew Maxwell. Shouting.