Although she's only 3ft 11, 17-year-old Jazz has never let her size get in her way. From the age of 13, she has cared for her mum, who also has restrictive growth. Following last year's remarkable BBC Three documentary Small Teen, Big World, this series sees Jazz embarking on a life-changing journey by leaving Colwyn Bay to study animal welfare at a residential college. How will she cope without her mum, who home-schooled her and is the only person who can make her laugh and who truly understands her? When Jazz was born, mum Bev asked her dad to stay out of their lives. While she was growing up, he appeared in a BBC documentary about homelessness, begging and drug addiction. In the first episode, Jazz meets her estranged father for the first time. In fact, every significant moment of her life is captured on home video and this warm and intimate series documents Jazz's journey into adulthood.