With just two of the original cast returning, E4's new series of Skins introduces a whole gang of new faces. The Class of 2009 is headed up by the beautiful and elusive Effy, returning as the new queen bee, despite being largely mute in the prior series. She's joined by her sweet and kooky best friend, Pandora. The guys are led by the irrepressible and irresponsible Cook, the daring and charismatic leader of the gang (in other words, he's kind've like Effy's older brother, Tony, before the accident). His best mates are Freddie - the skateboarding, weed smoking (highly original) 'cool' one - and JJ, AKA Jonah Jeremiah Jones, the master illusionist. The twins Katie and Emily are pulling in different directions, and Naomi is passionate, political and principled (my, she doesn't sound familiar at all). Finally, Thomas from the Congo is finding his feet in a new and strange country. Together the gang bond as they fall in and out of love and lust; fight one another; and also unite as one in a writhing mass of bones, impossible prettiness and stilted acting. There are more guest appearances this year from Harry Enfield and Morwenna Banks as the Stonem parents, alongside Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills, and actors Mackenzie Crook, Sally Phillips and Geoffrey Hughes.