The series finale of season two was well grim. Poor Chris, we still miss you… and all the original cast mates. Hugely. In season three's finale sees Cook and Effy in self-imposed exile from the gang; they've gone to stay with Cook's father. Effy is running away from everything she's ever known. Unfortunately, Cook is slowly falling out of lust, and in love. Back in Bristol, JJ tries to snap Freddieout of his depressed stupour; he's down about the loss of both his best mate and the girl he loves. Cook's father wastes no time trying to profit from his son's arrival, and involves him in the village steeplechase, placing a wager that could clear his pub debts, or lose him everything. Cook is vulnerable in his desire to please his father, and accepts the bet, regardless of the potential consequences. Freddie and JJ arrive, forcing Effy to confront who she is and what she really wants (but do we really care?).