Episode two sees Brian (Matthew McNulty), Eithne’s nephew, arrive from England in search of information on his long-lost father and his origins, sergeant Jack Driscoll (Owen McDonnell) was happy to help him dig in to the past. Having retraced the steps of this mysterious Uncle, Sean (Stephen Rea), it’s a shock when Jack finds him alive and living in a local bail hostel. More worryingly he has uncovered evidence of his father, formerly the Garda Sergeant, having chased Sean out of town, away from his mother, and the Doyle land she has inherited. Meanwhile, Jack is under pressure to establish who has inflicted the beating to his murder suspect, Ruairi (Diarmuid Noyes) before the teenager tries to point the finger at the Gardai. His prejudices lead him to Costello (Sean McGinley), new owner of the local bar who is not pleased with the accusation.