We have to say, it's not often an upcoming storyline for the cobbles genuinely shocks us, it is a street of high drama as everybody knows, but this one really made our jaws drop.

The soap is lining up for a big pregnancy style story with none other than little Faye being the potential mother-to-be in question. She's twelve. TWELVE. Faye is played by 13 year old Ellie Leach and was adopted by Anna Windass a few years ago. If nshe decides to keep the baby, she will be the youngest mother in the soap's history according to The Sun.

“This is bound to be a controversial storyline,” a source told the newspaper. “The programme has a history of handling difficult subject matters in a sensitive and considerate way”.

There's echoes of Sarah Louise Platt's famous story line from 2000 which caused a rake load of controversy, as at just thirteen years old she gave birth to her daughter Bethany. But hey, it all worked out alright for her didn't it? Well, sorta.