This season of Sherlock has been tumultuous to the say the least and after last week's cliffhanger, we're beyond stressed as to how it's all going to play out (spoilers below).

It took a while to get going, and while we're no nearer to figuring what Moriarty has to do with this season's overall mystery (if at all), we do know that John Watson is in one hell of a precarious situation seeing as his shrink turned out to be the same woman he'd been cheating on Mary with and also the same woman that posed as Culverton Smith's daughter and got Sherlock to investigate him. Having revealed herself to be Eurus Holmes, a previously unheard of sister, her motives are unknown but she's clearly got all the Holmes skills with an added touch of homicidal madness. So that should be fun.

How will Sherlock cope with a sister he either doesn't remember or has never met? Will John escape unscathed? Will Mrs. Hudson once more prove she's the best thing about this show? We guess we'll find out tonight.