Riots, protests, screaming newborns, lollipop sticks and strife... welcome back to the dewy glow of the Chatsworth Estate. It's Frank's 50th and Liam has the dubious honour of sharing the auspicious day with him on his 11th birthday. Uncharacteristically, Frank snubs the chance of a party, and instead opts to dwell in his own lonely loveless existence until… Libby, (Mrs. Doyle as you've rarely seen her before), a local librarian literally falls into his life. His passion reignited; a whirlwind romance ensues, but will Libby's wheelchair bound mother Patty, bibliophile activists and riot police stand in the way of Frank holding onto his new love? Meanwhile, Liam's inherited the dirty nappies, rubber gloves and responsibility of the Gallagher household. Elsewhere, while an overdue Karen worries about the paternity of her unborn baby, an oblivious Jamie, and the rest of the Maguire clan prepare for the imminent arrival. Joe lurks in the background, but a medical emergency soon brings him to the fore and back in favour with the Maguires. The next episode follows on E4.