The Maguire clan is fully mobilised for the christening of its newest member - baby Connor, with Mimi (missing link Tina Malone) pulling all the strings. Her first act, reallocating godmother duties, leaves now ex-godmother Kelly devastated. Shane is stuck in the unenviable position of being forced to take sides between Kelly's need for acceptance and his mum's pursuit of respectability. Kelly demands he permanently cut the apron strings if their relationship is to last. Patrick's attempt to get involved in the family celebration is derailed by his own personal credit crunch. Papering over the cracks in his relationships, he tries to press-gang Shane and Jamie into his new plan for the family business. At the Gallaghers', Carl's experiment in the bedroom shocks Maxine into retaliatory strap-on action. If the prospect of that gives you the dodgy shivers, best stick to Desperate Housewives (9.55pm, RTE2). Bree is offended when a motel maid casts judgement on her illicit affair with Karl, while Teri Hatcher and the other bird in love with Mike come to blows.