In this exclusive documentary for RTE, multi-billionaire philanthropist and Forbes Top 50 Rich-List member Chuck Feeney talks for the first time about his remarkable life. Secret Billionaire is the story of how one man made and then anonymously gave away a multi-billion-dollar fortune, and how Ireland in particular has benefited from this astonishing act of generosity. One of the founding partners of Duty Free Shoppers, Irish-American Feeney he had become a billionaire many times over by the 1980s, but his newfound wealth did not sit well with his sense of moral duty. In this documentary, Richard Crowley meets the businessman to discover how he founded Atlantic Philanthropies, a charitable organisation dedicated to ploughing vast sums of Feeney's fortune into universities, research institutions, social programmes and community enterprises across the globe. This is a unique opportunity to meet and understand one of the greatest philanthropists in the world.